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Ann Greenberg
Founder of A Pet with Paws

I am Ann Greenberg, founder of A Pet with Paws. I had the pleasure of working with Bhuvanesh from Pet Biz Marketer. Our company creates innovative, chic and sustainable pet products, which focus on Pet travel and enable pet parents to travel in style with their pets, safely, comfortably and effortlessly. Bhuvanesh first began by critiquing and auditing our website. This enabled us to understand the flaws and problems which resulted in us losing valuable leads and sales. Bhuvanesh made suggestions on how we could improve the presentation on our website which we implemented and are happy with the changes. In addition, he created a marketing strategy, which included posts on Instagram and Facebook that resulted in increased interaction among our fans and followers. I highly recommend working with Bhuvanesh if you want to improve targeted results for your Pet business!
The free 1-hour consultation was just an eye-opener for me. Bhuvanesh literally showed me all those leaky areas on my website and Social media strategy which was costing me sales quite over a period of time. Also, the competitor analysis he did for my pet business within 10 mins was one amazing part of the conversation. My decision to hire him for my marketing my pet business came on my mind within some 15 minutes after talking with him. He is very different as a specialist in pet business marketing as compared to other digital marketers there who will just run around the bush. Just go for the 1-hour free consultation. Nothing to lose! But everything to gain in terms of knowing the right digital marketing strategies for your pet business.
James Bowers Founder & Owner
Gregg Boron Dog Trainer
I scheduled a 1-hour slot with Bhuvanesh after having a lot of thoughts whether it would be useful or not for marketing my Dog training business. But once the call started, within some 15 minutes, I understood that this guy is having immense and deep knowledge in digital marketing strategy specifically for Pet business. He showed the potential of tapping the market from Google search and selling the services afterward using Facebook remarketing. He just cuts through the matter and showed things on the marketing strategy which is really important for my Dog training business. One thing deeply reflected on my mind during the call was this. He is really on a mission to correct the way small and medium pet businesses currently market on social media.
I always dreamt of starting my own dog training business for years after working in Dog training for other firms. Was deeply not sure about how to market my dog training business. Talking with Bhuvanesh was really transforming. He really showed me what is possible with his brilliance in Digital marketing. He literally showed where the market really sits like Google and how to tap the market using the right SEO and paid ads methods. I was really surprised to see that even some big names in Dog training business have not adopted this strategy in growing their dog training business. Planning to start my dog training business soon and Bhuvanesh will be my secret weapon in Digital marketing to target Dog owners with my services on the right platform with the right message and timing. Thanks, Man!
Xatzi Mike Dog Trainer
Robert Riess Petricious Pet Supplements
I searched for a Digital marketing expert to help me develop a new pet business for over 2 years. When I came across Bhuvanesh, I was excited about his enthusiasm and his knowledge. I immediately booked a Skype call with him to discuss the opportunity. He was willing to give me a systematic outline of the work he felt was necessary to complete the project with specific marketing initiative. I decided to hire him due to in part his enthusiasm as well as his overall knowledge of developing a business from scratch. He worked with me for more than 2 years in a variety of capacities- helped direct the development of the website, developed the social media accounts with a huge following of 18,000 people on Facebook. We utilized his image posts with a logo for better branding and more reach to Pet owners. Also, he really helped us in analyzing the competition and knowing what the trends were in the pet industry which highly impacted our digital marketing strategy. He has a deep knowledge in Digital marketing especially on the strategy side which he has acquired after some 10 years in Digital marketing. I would highly recommend his free strategy consultation for Pet business owners who want to grow their pet business to the next level with Digital marketing.
Bhuvanesh was different and should I say way different! Unlike other organisations, it is about sharing. It is about giving before receiving. It is about sometimes even sharing his “IP” which we know few (very few) people would do. He totally stands out from the huge number of people who work in the Digital arena. The last call we had just blew me away. He has the drive, the knowledge and constant appetite to bring me newness (and he makes sure he keep abreast of new development, tools and techniques in the digital world). A pleasure and profitably rewarding time you will spend with him. On some rare occasions, he offer a free working session, grab it as otherwise you will be the one losing out!

Thierry Bayle



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