Dog Breeding Business

Why You Should Start a Dog Breeding Business

Is the dog breeding business a profitable venture?

70,000 puppies and kittens are bred annually in the US that is 7 times the amount of new babies born in the US, with that over 2 million puppies born in Puppy mills get sold in the United States annually [Humane Society of the United States].

While the above numbers are stunning, dog breeding jeopardizes the chances of adoption for several puppies/dogs in shelters. However, with over 900 million dogs worldwide, dog parents are looking for a particular breed with certain characteristics that are lacking in dogs from shelters.

Furthermore, there are 10, 000 registered and unregistered puppy mills, there is room for one more dog breeding facility, and that might just be yours.

The Dog breeding business is a very controversial one, while most people are against it because of the millions of dogs in shelters all over the United States and millions more that are euthanized annually, so many people are proposing that dogs in shelters should be adopted first. 

Another reason why people frown on the dog breeding business is that most dog breeders go into the business with one goal in mind – profit-making. 

This attitude neglects and fails to take into consideration the genetics, health, and simple underlying issues that can affect the dog as it grows up.

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However, when you follow the natural breeding process and keep monitoring the gestation period without any external influences, you will set you apart from bad breeders on the market.

The dog breeding business is a very lucrative one, and pure dog breeders can make up to $60, 000 annually following the proper way.

Why the dog breeding business?

Dog breeding is the act of ensuring that the unique bloodline and natural characteristics remain and not die away after a breed. It is also a way to prevent a dog breed from going into extinction or becoming endangered.

Industry Overview

Dogs will always remain man’s best friend, and pet parent’s relationship with their dogs is making the dog breeding business a viable one. 

When pet parents lose a dog, they want a replacement that is similar to the late dog – well, you know the rest of the story.

Furthermore, a dog breeding business puts a stop to the illegal trade and trafficking of purebred dogs, allowing dog breeders to breed certain types of dogs used for special functions like drug sniffers, rescue dogs, sports and high-performance dogs.

The Statistics

About 85 million households in the United States own one pet, and with over 89 million dogs in the US, Americans, and the world at large spend hugely on pets and pet products.

In 2018, pet expenses were calculated at $72 billion with spending as little as $80 to over $142 a month and over $1,300 annually depending on the services offered. 

In spite of the past and current crisis with the economy or personal financial struggles, the pet industry continues to grow, and more people continue to look for unique dog breeds that will complete their families.

Starting a Dog Breeding Business

Just so you know, whether you breed small dogs or large dogs, you will always find a buyer if you follow the breeding rules and standard to check their health and overall wellbeing of the parent stock for a more successful breed.

However, for dog lovers and/or people looking to go into the dog breeding business, it can be both fulfilling and learning process for you. So for whatever reason you want to start this business, here is a complete business guide of the basic stuff you need to know and put in place before you start birthing puppies.

Who are your potential customers?

Obviously, people who love dogs or looking to own a particular breed are your first customers, but when your breeds are well-cared for, you can increase the market demography to cater for more people. Other viable markets are security firms (private and government agencies) pet sports and training establishment and medical and research firms.

Market Research and Competitive Analysis of the Market

The dog breeding market is a booming one, if you follow the proper path, and learn the process, you will soon be distinguished in your area as a good dog breeder. The market is good, and with a proper business plan in place, you can make it.

As regards the competition, you will always have competition in any business you venture into; some will be to your favor, others not so much. 

However, the idea is not to copy the competition but to leverage on their lapses and provide a better and more efficient service (or in this case, dog breed) to all your clients.

Avoid constantly looking at the competition but make your business better by offering adorable and healthy breeds that consumers will enjoy after a purchase.

Skills needed to successfully manage a Dog Breeding Business

Usually most animal business requires passion and experience, but for a dog breeding business, a potential dog breeder should have some idea of breeding, birthing them, caring for the young, providing comfort for the animal in labor and the puppies after birth.

If you are really keen on starting and building a lasting dog breeding business, then register with the American Kennel Club and take a course in breeding systems, pedigree, and genetics. 

You can also watch YouTube videos or attend free vet course and seminars that discuss dogs and breeding processes.

Other stuff you need to know are vaccines, tests, supplements, and vitamins and also treatments they need at the various growth stages.

Write your business plan

A good business plan is a guide that contains all you need to set up the dog breeding business. This is the framework and structural pillar that the business will stand on.

A regular business plan should contain

  • How much the business will cost
  • How to source for funds
  • Location
  • Buying a franchise or starting from scratch
  • Launching the business
  • Managing the business
  • Growing the business
  • Sustaining the business

The Startup cost for a Dog Breeding Business

A dog breeding business can be a one-man business. Yes, because breeding involves choosing the right female stock, caring for them when they are pregnant, and assisting them during the birthing process.

Other cost includes registration and licensing, insurance, patenting your business name, equipment, pet care products, and the rent payment or building a facility. Remember that a dog breeding business will continue to grow, therefore don’t worry about how small you are starting, but build a good start that will grow stronger. 

Buying an existing Franchise or Starting from Scratch

Whichever choice you go for will depend on how financially buoyant you are and how much fund you can lay your hands on when you are stuck as the business progresses.

However, starting a dog breeding business from scratch will allow you to make your own mistakes, learn from them, and become a better dog breeder.

Whether you are starting with a partner or alone, you can be sure that you are in one business that will end up successful with dedication and time.

Pick your Business Location

You can start a dog breeding business anywhere {seek permission from the local authority first] even in a residential neighborhood. A good location, however, will be away from the residential area that is quiet and calm for the dog.

The location should be accessible for potential buyers and pet stores looking for a particular breed for different purposes. The location of choice for your dog breeding business will determine your taxes, zoning laws, and regulations in your business.

So you need to make the right decision about the location of your business and ensure you get permission from your local animal authority.

Choose the business structure suitable for your business

The legal entity you choose for your dog breeding business is determined by the size of the business. So if you have plans to grow it into a big business for the long-term, the right business structure will be a sole proprietorship [you have full control of your business], a limited partnership or Limited Liability [when more than one person will run the business] or a corporation.

Pick a suitable Business Name

You want to choose a business name that is catchy, fun, and memorable. It should also tell what your breeding business reflects, what you are all about, and what offer customer’s stand to benefit doing business with you.

Once you have chosen a name, it is time for registration, licensing, and insurance.

Obtaining Permits, licenses and Business Insurance

  • Zoning permits, registration, licenses are all documents that should be obtained to avoid getting into trouble with the authorities.
  • For a dog breeding business, insurance is highly recommended as accidents can happen with animals. Female dogs in labor can be harsh and dangerous too.
  • Choose the right insurance according to the state where the business is situated, or use an agent to hasten the process.
  • Remember – in addition to business registration, puppies also have to be registered when they are born.

Open a bank Account for the Business

A business account allows you to keep a tab of all your income and expenditure, it also helps you know when it is doing well or needs financial boosting and simplifies your annual tax filing.

Marketing and Brand Identification

Marketing is necessary for a dog breeding business; a strong brand will attract people to you, especially dog lovers looking for the breed you are selling.

  • How you breed them is another factor that will also bring new clients and help you stay ahead of the competition.
  • Marketing can be sharing flyers, talking to vets and pet shops, introducing your business and breeds to firms that use the type of breeds you deal in. 
  • Attending dog shows to show-off a breed and talk about your business.
  • Wearing the T-shirt of your business so that more people will know about it

Creating a strong online presence

Even the corporate dog breeding businesses have an online presence and store where they showcase their breeds, and people place orders that are delivered as at when due. 

Some post videos of the birthing process and how the puppies are doing afterward, these are creating relevance on the web.

You should learn from them too.

How to earn money in your Dog Breeding Business?


The charges depend on what type of breed, popularity, the time duration, and care the puppies get at your facility. Charges can range from $400 – $3,000 or more if the dog has been certified healthy and free from any underlying issue that might cause problems in the future.

Each puppy is tested by a certified and qualified vet, registered with the American Kennel Club, whether you are licensed or unlicensed business.

How to make money in a dog breeding business?

By selling the puppies – the cute puppies, of course, that is how dog breeders make money from the business.

You can also make money, but working with dog shelters by directing clients that want a particular dog breed to them or offering adoption services to families that want a pet dog.

The breed, the marketing tactics and the visibility of your business are all strategies that yield profit in business. Look for the customers and follow up the lead.

A good breeder can have rare breeds that sell for high prices while a bad breeder will have the same breed but sell them cheap. The amount invested makes all the difference.

Well, there you have it, everything you need to start a dog breeding business.

Best dogs to breed and make profit

So not all dogs are great breed dogs, but below are some great dogs that will do well under healthy conditions

  • The German shepherd
  • The French bulldog
  • The English bulldog
  • The Labrador retriever
  • The Rottweiler
  • The Siberian husky

Finally, dog breeding takes a lot of patience and hard work; it is not a business for lazy people, it is like a nine-to-five job except you have time for yourself and don’t wear a suit.

When properly planned, it will be financial and emotionally rewarding; and before  wrap things up, ensure that each dog and puppy have their data including medical history in case something goes wrong.

Good luck!

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