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If you are planning on going into the pet business or hoping to start a pet store or service center, then you probably should follow your heart and pay attention to the pet industry statistics as the pet industry is a booming and is a highly viable business.

The American Pet Products Association in 2016 stated that pet owner spent a whopping 62.75 billion dollars on their pet and the expenditure went up to almost 70 billion dollars in 2017 and 80 billion dollars in 2018, the best part is, the market is as some say is “recession proof” with great prospect and opportunities for anyone interested in investing in the pet industry.

As pet moves into mainstream American life, it is well worth it to take a look back to how it all started and how it has evolved to the big money-making machine it is today providing everything from food, pet convenience, and services as more pet is being humanized.


It all began in 1994, when our love for pet took a turn after the industry raked in a total of 17 billion dollars and since then, well the figures speak for themselves. In fact, the AAPA is projecting revenue of almost 100 billion dollars in sales from pets and pets convenient as the figures keeping climbing. The statistics say a lot and the choice is yours.

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