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10 steps to building your Dog Training business

With nearly 100 million dogs owned in the United States, dog training services are in high demand as more dogs are becoming more humanized by their owners. However, with pet parents willing to pay top dollars to have a well-behaved pet, this could be the business for you if you like a dog and have excellent business acumen – a dog training business.

Working with dogs or any other pets is a rewarding experience, and owning a pet business like a dog training business allows you to be your own boss. Wait! Before you swap your white-collar job for a leach, there is something you need to know about starting and sustaining a dog training business.

Even though this can be a one-person or team business, it’s a steady source of income, that requires planning, creating, acquiring, following and implementing everything you will learn to build a successful dog training business. Remember, that the process is an adventure to writing your own story later on, and it is only with determination and patience will you survive to become a Petprenuer.

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Keep in mind, to avoid been another failed statistics, learn the trade and follow the leaders in the industry.

Ten steps to building a dog training business

  • Research and learn as much as you can about the pet industry and the business you are about to start

Such a long heading but that is the first step to starting a dog training business. You definitely want to have all your aces in the right order before you start else you stand the risk of failing.

This involves investigating into what the business entails the cost, the process and a good support system or model in the business that will coach you through the process giving you the lowdown of all a dog training business is and what you need to build yourself up.

  • Choosing an area to become an expert in

Dog training consists of many different divisions; hope you didn’t think dog training was just about teaching a dog how to sit, fetch, stand, and roll-over. That will be easy, but there is more to dog training business than these four commands.  Some dog training sections are

  • Puppy training, socialization, and handling
  • Dog behaviour and manners
  • Dog therapy or emotional support for dogs
  • Off the leash training – this involved training dogs for adventure or excursion more than the regular training sections.
  • Dog sports training – these are complex training for performance dogs (you have to have some experience in dog training before you can become a dog sports trainer)
  • Aggressive dogs – these are dogs with no tolerance for other dogs. However, they can be trained and put up for adoption. If you think you’ve got the skills of a dog whisperer, then you are in business with such dogs.
  • Training dogs with phobias and emotional issues – puppies and dogs come from different backgrounds; some had it tough and rough, and suffer from fear of humans, depression, and anxiety. If you have the knowledge, this is one area where professionals are required

As a beginner in the dog training business, puppies are a good place to start from and gradually to adolescent and adult dogs.

  • Take dog training classes for the experience

The dog training industry is a very competitive one and only the learned with a passion for caring for dogs will succeed. Although a school degree is irrelevant in building a dog business as anyone can be a dog trainer, it is, however, necessary to get the proper training and dog training certification when building a dog training business.

Register as an intern at an experienced dog training facility to gain firsthand knowledge; this is a characteristic of successful dog training business owners all over the country. Work experience covers different aspect like dog supervision, kernels handling, doggie daycare, grooming, pet sitting, and walkers, dog show handlers, and dog care. Also, full knowledge of the canine (your potential client) will determine how well you will do with your business.

While being hands-on is not necessary, having a mentor in the business or completing a pet training apprenticeship is the best way to learn the industry. Some institutes offering dog training programs that can help you build your dog training business are the CCPDT (Certification Council for professional dog trainer) or the Association of Pet Dog trainers for a certification program.

These are two professional certification program known across the pet industry, but if you want to stand out in the dog training industry, you will go through as many canine training skills acquisition programs as possible to attract clients in all categories. 

Additionally, an essential skill to add to your dog training resume is the ability to communicate with your four-legged clients ( don’t ever think that because you can flow with your dog that all dogs are the same, dogs are actually one of the most difficult pets to train); and customer/client interaction skills.

  • Know your Competition

Before settling for a location, check out the location to know what you’ll be up against once you start your dog training business.

 What are the odds that a good location has no dog school or a dog training business at your location already? One in a million, probably!

The next step is to look around the neighbourhood, especially those sharing the same entrance or exit streets, major road with the competition. Don’t just snoop around; find out what services they offer and how long they have been in business in the location. You should also check how booked in advance they are and why. This information will help you pull out strategies that will also make you a competition against them even though you are just starting out.

After getting the lowdown on your competition, think of how to invite customers into your business, you can offer better quality services at affordable prices, promote a special skill (this is why it is good to attend canine programs) or improve on their lapses and weakness. Believe it; the best in the business must have a weakness. If the competition is too stiff for you, you might want to reconsider your location that battle to lose.

  • Where are the dogs – Location?

Don’t assume that because you see a couple of dogs on the street that is sufficient enough to start your dog training business. Even though, it is not uncommon to see large dog training facilities operating in remote and rural areas, as a buddy dog training business, location is a key factor to the success of your business. For example, if you get to work with 30 to 60 dogs on average annually, you are not in business, you are just learning to survive and make some money for yourself.

So what is the best location? A good dog training business location would be a residential neighbourhood with families and young adults working and have one pet or another as a companion. So if your business means relocating, by all means, follow the dogs and build your business.

  • Getting a space for the business?

Every business needs space to grow even a dog training business. Your choice can vary from a vacant building to a large compound where the dogs can truly let loose and enjoy every training session. You can also start from the comfort of your home if the room is convenient for the pup and you. However, before you choose the space for your business, be sure of the area of dog training service you are offering to the community and how much space will be enough. Also understands that a comfortable space will determine if you will get another job or clients.  Remember the space must be

  • Comfortable for the dogs
  • Be strategically located
  • Be accessible by road, foot or at close proximity to other forms of transportation
  • Will allow for expansion in the future
  • Is there competition and how good are they in the neighbourhood
  • The cost (if you are renting the space)
  • Dog training business supplies and equipment

Depending on what dog training services you will be offering, you need equipment for your business. However, as a new business, look for ways to give the clients the best quality service with basic training supplies until you are well-established. Dog owners will rather come to one that has a positive impact on their dog than a place with all the equipment but lack any positivity on their dog.

While you need a lot of supplies, the basic is

  • A kernel
  • A leash
  • Dog food and water bowl
  • Collars and tags
  • Strength and agility training equipment
  • First aid kits/supplies for the dog and you
  • A squishing toy/ calming toys
  • Reward snack for good behaviour
  • Training equipment
  • Other non-dog supplies are office equipment, pens, writing material, computer or smart device, chairs, a sickbay, desk, telephone and other items for a smooth business.


  • Get the necessary documentation, registration, and paperwork for your business

Business without a name is no business. The first thing is choosing a catchy name for your dog training business. It should be easy for customers to remember but firm enough to make an impact on the reader, listener or onlooker.

  • Choose a name that is not been used either buy a current business or past closed business to avoid any running with the law or courts in the future. 
  • Once the name is settled, think legalization – if you have no idea about it, check for information online or ask the various pet organization and bodies in your neighbourhood about it.
  • Register the business and get a license for the business
  • After all the business paperwork is done, have photocopies made and the originally kept and in a safe place in case of any bad event. Next is insurance.

Pet Business Insurance is mandatory for any pet business, although searching for the right insurance for your specific niche is tricky, you could enlist the services of an agent to help you through the process. Be cautious of numerous paper works thrown at you, chose ONLY the insurance policy that will work for the service you are offering – dog training.

Insurance should also be gotten for your business place, equipment, and employees if you are hiring in your business. Don’t hurry up the insurance process; look at all possibility of the negative that can happen as animals are unpredictable.

  • Pricing your Dog Training Services

A dog training business is a lucrative business only when you get the pricing right. To do that research on how other dog training businesses are charging their clients and put a price slightly lower or the same with your competition but with mouth-watering incentives that pet parents can’t let go of.

  • Networking

Show me a business that succeeded without marketing and I will show you a business that failed afterwards. Marketing is crucial to a dog training business, whether you are using words of mouth, the internet, social media, email, or attending dog shows, get yourself out there and talk passionately about your business. Clients love service providers that know their jobs and passionate about it. Let your business name and logo ring out from the lips of every pet owner. If it will get the word out for you, use the methods at your disposal to get the job done.


You have done all that needs to be done; the rest is up to you. Give your clients (dog and owners) a good treat, and you will be booked, year in, year out. Starting any business is hard, it will take its toll on you physically, financially, and emotionally, but a resilience, determination, and drive for the animals will pave the path for you.

Don’t stop looking for customers or advertizing your business even when you are the best in it.

Finally, just because you love dogs or have trained yours, doesn’t qualify you as capable to start a dog training business.

 The American Pet Association reported the expenditure in the pet service industry to be worth almost $73 billion in 2018 and as dogs become humanized, the dog training business is one anyone with a great plan should enjoy and make a profit.

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