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10 best pet business ideas worth starting in 2020

10 best pet business ideas worth starting in 2020..Did you know that about 68% of all households in the U.S. own at least one pet? According to research carried out by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) in 2015, these pet-owning households spent more than $60 billion on their pets – in just one year!

Regardless of the seemingly tough economic times, a study conducted by the market research company WSL shows that as much as 80% of pet owners are still spending the same amount and even more on their pets. People love their furry, feathered and finned critters and they would go to great lengths to see that the health and comfort of their pets are taken seriously.
For some pets owners, these animals have slowly transcended from being just “domestic animals” to being part of the family. If you are a pet owner, then you may be familiar with these sentiments. As a pet lover, there are a plethora of ways you could channel that passion for turning it into a viable business.

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There are several pet-centric businesses with low overhead that also guarantee great returns. Whether you are looking to make a total career change or you want to do something with your pet passion, here are

10 great pet business ideas you could kick off 2020 with.

Pet Photography

If you have an artistic flair, then pet photography would suit you just fine. Running a pet photography business is a fun and rewarding venture not just because it is profitable but also because it is what is trending. From Facebook to Instagram to Pinterest, social media is flooded with pictures of dogs, cats, birds, fishes, horses and so many more. You would be surprised how much pet owners would be willing to pay for good quality images of their pets.

There’s something about a professionally captured picture that beats what the camera of smartphones can offer – if you have the skills and ability for it, you could be making a lot of money. Talking about ability – you need a good sense of humour and a lot of patience for the pet photography business. This is because you need to make the experience as enjoyable and fun as possible for the pets to go along with it and patience for when it isn’t exactly going as smoothly as you would require. Your photography skills may get you clients, but your work ethics will keep them.

The business is also relatively easy and cheap to set up. For equipment, a digital camera, backup hard drive, image-editing software and backdrop, and lighting apparatus will do. You can either buy or rent the equipment depending on your start-up budget. You can also rent a studio, set up a home-based studio or operate on a mobile basis. When it comes to the art of photography itself – you can be as creative as you want. From the use of pet costumes to adding special effects in your pictures, you have the freedom of expression. You can take your business a notch higher by offering a range of products for customers to put their pets’ photographs on. T-shirts, mugs, greeting cards and so on.

Pet Sitting

Imagine hanging out with animals for a paycheck – it doesn’t get better than that. The deal is, as long as animals are unable to look after themselves, they will always be dependent on their owners, and as long as people have other engagements that may take them away from their pets, the pet sitting business will continue to bloom. A lot of pet owners like to keep their pets around in a familiar and safe environment, and as such, they would rather hire a pet sitter to look after the pets in their own homes rather than send off their pets to stay with friends or family. If you are good with looking after pets – then this would make a smart and gratifying way to make some money.

In the pet sitting business, because of the eccentricities of the business, most owners require an honesty insurance before they can hire you. In other words, they need to be sure they can trust you before leaving you alone with their beloved pets. Being trustworthy and credible will help you in the business. The great thing about pet sitting is how flexible and cheap the business is. You only have to work on your free time, and it requires little or capital to start. You can spread the word about your pet business at other pet-related businesses including pet supply retailer stores, pet grooming services, dog training services, and veterinary clinics.

Dog Walking

Dogs are super active pets with a lot of energy. They like to play, run around, fetch things and other energy demanding activities. For busy or much older dog owners like the retired senior citizens, this may be a little too much to keep up with. This is where your dog walking services would come in just fine. Walking dogs is perhaps one of the easiest and most pleasant dog-related business you could do. All you need is to be a dog lover with time and patience. It is also relatively cheap to set up.

If you intend to walk one dog at a time, you may not need to get a dog leash as most dog owners already have one for their pets. Still, if you have the ability, you can walk more than one dog at a time – as many as you can handle. This way, you will be able to make more money within the same time frame. If you are taking on more than one dog at a time, then you will need to get a multi-lead dog walking collar and leash. This will allow you to walk as many dogs as possible without getting the leashes tangled up in a mess. You can promote your dog walking business around your community through the use of promotional fliers and at other dog related business outlets like pet stores, kennels and veterinary clinics.

Dog Day Care

Dogs are a lot more like children than people realize. They need people to take care of them and as social animals, being around people and other dogs is good for their emotional well being. If you enjoy babysitting dogs for their owners, then operating a dog daycare business will come naturally to you. Here, instead of having to babysit maybe one or two dogs at the owner’s house, the owner will simply drop off the dog at your place and pick them up at an agreed time. This pet service is most beneficial for dog owners who have to go to work, especially those on the 9 to 5 schedule. You get to play with so many dogs, and at the end of the day, you are paid for it. How much easier could it get?

Depending on where you live, you can set up your dog day care services at home. You may want to let your neighbors know about it first, dogs can get pretty noisy at times so warning them ahead is a good idea. Or better still, you could rent a facility away from home and equip it with fun equipment to keep the dogs entertained. A good idea would be to install web cameras around the facility. This way, your clients can easily log into the website from work for live footage of their pets. It will also help them build trust in your services for future references.

Pet store

People love to spoil their pets with the best products – you can help them do that with a pet supply shop – better yet if it is a one-stop shop. From pet treats to pet toys and accessories, setting up a retail store where you can sell all sorts of pet products is a great business idea. There are several big and established companies on the pet products business, so you need to be extra creative with your products if you want yours to stand out. You can stock luxury versions of pet products, customized pet accessories and a selection of other pet products that may not be readily available to attract customers.

If setting up a brick-and-mortar (physical) store is too much work, you can start with an online shop. You do not even have to set up an online retail store, as a newbie in the business, you can start with becoming a seller on the retail giants like Amazon and Etsy. As your business grows, you can then expand to meet the demands of your customers. With about 100 billion dollars spend yearly by pet owners on pet food and treats, you can rest assured the pet store business is a lucrative idea.

Pooper scooper services

Cleaning up after someone’s pet may not be your idea of a fun pet business, but a lot of pet owners are willing to pay a lot for that service. The business does not need any sort of special training or skill set. All you need are shovels or scoopers, plastic bags, garbage buckets, gloves and a nice pair of boots, preferably rubber. Most pooper scooper business charge on a monthly basis and the quote at the end of the month takes in factors like the size of the area cleaned up and the regularity of service. If you would rather not put up with the work itself, you can hire people to do the job at a fee. You could manage the bookings and finances without having to do the actual dirty work. On average, one visit shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes – anyhow you see it, it is a fast way to make good money. You can market your pooper-scoopers through the regular dog-related services, in local newspapers, fliers, etc.

Pet Training

Pet training is one of the pet businesses that are now high demand. As a pet trainer, your job description entails training pet animals on the basic etiquettes they need to learn. While it may seem relatively easy, it is not exactly a walkthrough. You need to be an absolute animal lover with specific skills set to be able to train animals. Though a pet training certification is not a necessity, it builds your credibility, and pet owners would feel better about leaving their pets with you if they have an assurance that you know what you are doing. There is a branch of pet training that specializes in training pets for the entertainment industry. Dogs, cats, parrots, monkeys are some of the most common animals featured in movies, and TV shows, these pets all go through pet training, and if you think you have what it takes to excel in this particular field, you could be making tons of money in no time.

Like most other businesses in the pet industry, pet training is a very flexible business. You can decide to either train the pet at its home or you can also set up a pet training facility where you can hold your one on one training classes. Either way, you will be having a lot of fun training pets for their owners.

Pet Boutique

Pet clothing has become a very popular business in the pet industry. People love to shop for clothes for their pets and dress them up just for the fun of it. In some cases, especially for pet owners who live in cold climatic conditions, pet clothing is more of a necessity than a luxury. The great thing about this business is that you do not require a lot of money to start out. Essentially, the most basic requirements include designing skills, clothing material, sewing equipment, and packaging material. You can start with a small business may be just operating around your local community. As your business expands, you can scale to meet more consumer demands.

Some clothes ideas for your pet boutique include hoodies, sweatshirts, puffer vests, socks, booties, goggles, and Halloween costumes. Make sure your pet boutique is situated somewhere you are likely to be noticed by pet owners so you can access a bigger community of potential customers. Asides from advertising your business with pet-related businesses using fliers, you can also advertise your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and pet related websites. You can organize an exhibition at trade fairs for pets and advertise through newspapers and magazines. You would be surprised how many pet owners love to shop for beloved pets.

Dog training

When it comes to training dogs, the entrepreneurial opportunities are vast. Dog obedience training, security training, and hunting training are the most common and profitable dog training business. Dogs that have received professional obedience, hunting, and security training are typically more effective and efficient. Dog owners, especially those with puppies are usually in need of dog training services for their young pets, and if you are in this business, you may never experience a shortage of jobs. If you are excellent at what you do, you may even have security companies try to hire you to train their dogs.

About the training area, you can rent and equip a facility for your classes. Draw out a training schedule so you know just how much time you are putting into one session and the average time it would take to start seeing results. You can promote your dog training services online on dog-related websites and on social media. You can also hand out fliers at pet-related businesses where dog owners are likely to frequent.

Sale of Tropical Fish and Aquarium Rentals

Out of all the business ideas on this list, this idea is the most expensive one to start up. For one, you may need about $5,000 to set the ball in motion. However, the high-profit margin makes up for all the expenses and more spent in the course of business. In one year, you can make up to ten times in profits what you originally invested as capital. Tropical fishes you could sell include; electric fish, goldfish and other exotic fishes. You are probably wondering; who is buying tropical fish? Why would anyone rent an aquarium? Your answer is in the home of pet lovers who keep fish as a pet, in the waiting room of hospitals, businesses, and even restaurants. You do not even need to love fish as a pet to appreciate how aesthetically pleasing an aquarium is. You can sell your fishes on a wholesale basis or singly to individual customers. You can spread the word about your fish and aquarium rental services on social media platforms, pet-focused websites and at pet-related business outlets. This is a great business idea to leverage on the pet industry and make good money.


The pet business industry is booming. As pets are now essentially more or less part of the family in most households, now more than ever, pet owners are spending more to bring comfort to their pets. Most of the pet business ideas listed above are quite easy to start and manage. Also, a lot of them require very little capital so you do not have to worry about the funds to set up your business. While the income you will earn is great, before you start a pet business, it is important that you are passionate enough about pet animals to initiate a pet-related business. That way you would be making money doing what you love.

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