Pet Business Opportunities

Pet Business Opportunities | How to perfectly utilize them in 2020

Does your passion for animals’ shine brighter than the stars, then why don’t you start a business that deals with pets directly or provide for pets and make the best out of Pet business opportunities there?

If you love animals and being around them, a pet business opportunity might be a career to pursue to the fullest.

The pet industry is a versatile one that accommodates all ideas that can better all types of pets in more ways than one. With a platform like this industry, opportunities abound in all direction, and basically, you are only limited by your imagination and maybe a couple of stuff like finance, but otherwise, if you can dream it, it will happen, and there is a market in the pet industry.

So whether you are looking to go with the traditional pet business opportunities in the industry or follow the trend influencing the industry, finding your niche shouldn’t be that hard at all.

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The Numbers 

Although the US is the largest pet market in the world, it still has space to accommodate new markets and trends as demanded by per parents. And with 900 million dogs, 600 million cats, over 30,000 species of pet fish, over 15 million bird pets (in the US) and another vertebrate; there is undoubtedly a pet business opportunity made for you. 

You just have to look closely at your passion and how much time you can dedicate to the business.

Furthermore, according to the American Pet Product Association,

  • 68 percent or 85 million homes in the US own one or more pets
  • Americans spend more on their pets than any other country in the world
  • The pet industry is expected to keep growing exponentially over the next decades.
  • Pet ownerships are shift influencing better trends and business opportunity in the industry.
  • Humanization, premiumization and increasing human and pet bonds are driving the pet industry.
  • The pet market is growing bigger as countries like Brazil, India, and china find their spot in the industry.

Enough with the statistics, what is the kind of Pet business opportunities that awaits you in this industry

On our list, we will offer you both conventional and some rather weird pet business opportunities for you. It does matter what you do, do it well.

Dog Catering Service

While the pet food industry is a booming one, we can’t get enough of new trends coming out to cater to pets of all kinds, especially dogs.

Dogs are man’s best friend, and with humanization on the rise, dog owners care for their pet family in rather unusual ways. The dog catering business allows you to make customized food for dogs according to their per parents demands, and deliver it to their homes.

A dog catering business will also allow you to make gourmet catering for dogs or cats on their birthdays, anniversaries, and wedding or even at pet funerals.

So if you like animals and love cooking, get into the kitchen and start a pet catering business, after all, there are too many restaurants for human everywhere.

If you are good at baking, you can add baked products like pet cookies, cakes, or treats to your services.

Pet Blogging

Despite the number of pets, and pet products on the market, a lot of people, especially pet parents are blindly in the dark about what is happening around as regards to pet and pet care.

Are you tech and social media savvy? Do you love writing and have a crazy affinity for all things pets? If your answer is yes, start a blog about pets. It doesn’t have to talk about a specific pet, but contain all the information that pet parents are looking for. 

For example, you can blog about training, new food trends, a new business venture, care techniques, and anything that comes to mind. If it has pets, talk about it.

Pet waste cleaning service

Yeah, this might not be the average pet business opportunity for many people, but somebody has to clean the droppings around the yard.

And before you squeeze your nose in disgust, cleaning up pets waste can bring some serious dollars into your wallet. 

Furthermore, it is not a business for everyone, so you might be booked weeks before to perform a service.

The pet waste cleaning service requires no special skills or education, but it does need some safety and hygiene equipment and other items to effectively handle your job.

Although this is a dirty job, proper advertising and marketing will have your phone ringing off the hook. The average monthly rate is 40 US dollars to clean up a normal size yard which takes nothing more than 10 minutes.

So get your boots on and capitalize on this business opportunity now.

Dogs/Other Pet Apparels

American spent almost $500,000 million for Halloween costumes for their favorite pets in 2018.

While dogs take the lead, pet owners buy clothes for cats, snakes, lizards, mammals for all occasions paying top dollars for designers and customized apparel for their pets.

Now you must be thinking this is not for me, I can’t sew or something in that direction, but you don’t have to sew them yourself.

If you could, it will double the money earned, but if you can’t, you can order them or draft designs, and have them made with your label or tags on it. Pets have jackets, bling collars, jersey tops, hands, goggles (Doggles) shirts, booties, in all material and colors that they are competing with humans.

As mentioned above, you can be a retail store that sells designs of pet designers or do the whole nine yards yourself and expand gradually.

In fact, one area that is worth looking into is pet wedding services, pets get hitched too.

Dog/Pet Day Care Center

The pet grooming industry is expected to reach $ 5 billion by 2025 with a 4.5 percent CAGR within 2018 – 2025. 

Pretty nice!

Starting a dog/pet daycare center is not easy; it is hard work, a long process but a rewarding one that will have you smiling to the bank every month.

Dog care centers are on the rise because more people with pet need a place where their dog can be catered for while they travel for business or vacation instead of the dog staying home alone.

Most dog care center has strict rules like drop off and picks up time except on special request by the owners. Dogs care centers also accommodate dogs/pet that is staying overnight like a dog motel. 

You can begin this pet business from the comfort of your home, or have a big backyard with really cool neighbors; then you are in business.

The bulk of your start capital goes into buying equipment and care products to satisfy the pets and their owners.

Most pet care /daycare centers also provide grooming services like fur cuts, nailing clipping, spa treatment, and others.

The more you can offer, the better the care center will be. This is a relaxing place away from home for all pets.

Start a Pet Reality TV Shows

With pet shows like “My cat from hell”, “Dog Whisperer”,” it’s me or the dog” and The Incredible Dr. Pol; pet reality TV shows are on the rise.

Do you have an affinity for cameras and think you have a pet service you can sell to the public; get in touch with the right people and run a reality show that is entertaining and educative for the pet of your choice.

If you can’t get into the TV just yet, record beautiful and educative sessions with your pets, post them on social media platform like YouTube Facebook or on popular pet sites to gain followers and visibility to your platform.

Dog Training/Obedience Training

Are you a certified animal trainer or have the ability to whisper to pets; then you have a sector in the pet industry to grow your skills and talent?

Pet obedience and training is gradually turning into a multi-million dollar as more animals, especially a dog in professional performance shows that need to learn obedience and how to follow instructions in any situation.

Training and dog obedience classes can hold in your home or backyard with enough space for training performance dogs comfortably.

However, with the changing trends and pet parents looking for qualified and certified handlers for their animals; having the right certification allows you to get the best customers.

Dog trainers charge as low and high as $30 to $50 per hour depending on the type of training the animal requires.

 Finding Pets

Are your detective skills top-notch? Well, if you can’t get into the police or private investigation business, try pet detective?

Sound nice too; pet detective has some sass to it.

According to the American Humane Association report, every year in the US, 10 million dogs and cat get lost, stolen, or missing. So if your detective skills are top-notch, starting a pet detective agency is a good sell.

If you are thinking about how much a pet detective makes, you will be surprised. Charges rates depend on location and the animal involved, pet finders charge $300 to $1000 and consultation fee of $100 to $150.

As a detective, you can sell pet microchips that are placed in the pet to aid easy tracking when a pet goes missing, stolen, or lost.

So start now and help distraught pet owners locate their beloved four-legged member today.

Dog Treat

With pet parents asking demanding cleaner, greener and healthier foods and treats for their pets, start one if you have any knowledge in pet nutrition.

You can start a healthy pet treat sale that includes more nutritional contents, organic, and natural options without preservatives, artificial coloring, or additive.

So if you have a pet and make your own pet food, you can as well start supplying other pet owners in the neighborhood while putting your business plan together to go public.

Pet Funeral Services

Under this category; you can sell pet coffin, start a pet cemetery, pet mortuary, pet cremation, and pet funeral service.

The pet funeral service is another booming trend as many pet owners want to give their pets a befitting burial service when they pass away. While this may look like a sad business and definitely not for the faint-hearted; it is a business that helps pet parents offers their pets a dignified exit.

Acquiring knowledge of the process is needed hence interning at a business that offers these services and learns the tricks of the trade.

Sales of Pet equipment

Everyone that wants to start a pet business needs equipment, to begin with. So if you have good business acumen and the ability to manage a pet mechanize store than dealing with pets, invest, promote, and watch the business grow.

The equipment can be anything from a dog kennel, aquarium, tanks, toys, eating utensils, and others.

Remember to keep your eyes on the market, and follow the trends in the industry.

Animals Renting

Well, people rent everything including pets for various purposes. Whatever pet you have under your business name, people will rent them. 

In fact, there is a business that rents out goats for people looking to clear their lawn using a natural process without insecticide or herbicides that kill other living organisms and damage gardens.

Well, these are some uncommon pet business opportunities that are trending in the industry and changing the pet industry as we know it. However, if you rather stick with the conventional, then here we go.

Dog Walking

This is the most popular dog business that needs no fund to start if you like walking and pets; then combining both will cost you absolutely nothing to start

This business requires patience, determination, and the ability to work with various breeds of dogs.

Dog walkers have to know that their job is in all weather conditions and temperature to satisfy both pet and pet owners.

Other pet business opportunities are dog sitting, dog boarding, and a lot more.

Before starting any business conduct some feasibility studies and how it will fair in the location you are proposing. Remember any business you decide on, the starting is the hardest part. However, any business in the pet industry will yield good returns on your investment.

You are limited by your imagination.

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