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How Pet Sitting Slogans Can Create Recognition For Your Pet Sitting Business


Thinking about opening a pet business, and don’t know exactly what to do to get customers trooping in? Well, one marketing technique that you can always engage in is pet sitting slogans. How good are you at playing with words? Can you construct a sentence that tells your target audience to trust you with their pets while they are off for the day’s business? Let’s face it, getting pet owners to leave their best friends in your care for a couple of hours can be tricky. These animal lovers engage several criteria to choose the right pet sitter for their buddies. They consider location, referrals from fellow pet owners, charges, and pet sitting slogans. 


Having said that, we understand that creating appealing slogans is not exactly a walk in the park. So, to assist you to get your pet sitting business to make you impressive money, right here we would be discussing how exactly you can use pet sitting slogans. 


Firstly; How Successful Can Your Pet Sitting Business Be Through the Use Of Slogans? 

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To start with, you should know that for the past ten thousand years, humans have loved to be around furry animals. By such furry animals, we are talking about dogs and cats. Also, a research conducted in 2017- 2018 by the American Pet Product Association shows that sixty-eight percent of U S. households, which is approximately eighty-five million families in the U S are pet owners. In line with that, millions of such pet owners consider their pets to be friends and sometimes family. This just might be because these animals have been found to reduce stress, especially when they display good behavior . 


With such deep love loads of humans have for animals, when pet owners are going to be off to a no pets allowed areas, or when they have to take a vacation without their animal pals, they sure would love to leave their buddies in safe hands. Additionally, when they scout for the right pet sitter to trust, their minds subconsciously processes the slogans attached to the businesses. Therefore, there is the need for such business owners to use the right words to work that trust magic on their target customers. In essence, advertising your slogan assists the audience to recall your pet sitting company. They will consequently have a positive attitude towards your company and its services

Basically, when your slogan (be it cutesy, cozy, or straightforward) appeals to pet owners at least subconsciously, they will likely give you their animals to watch. This would in turn lead to increased referrals for a job well-done with their buddies, and of course the money realized from the venture would be worth it. The professional pet sitters national association says that a successful pet sitting business owner can charge as much as $16 per visit. Having laid that out, let’s consider the tips you should use to create the right pet sitting slogans. 


Useful Tips For Creating the Right Pet Sitting Slogans

  • Understand the Function Of A Slogan: 

When deciding to draft a pet sitting slogan, understand that it is an introduction to the world of what your business is about. The slogan should clearly relay the compassion, message, attitude, and quality of services that your business renders. So, you should use the right words that will pull customers in and expand your client base. An amazing example of a pet sitting slogan is one owned by the pet resort in Florida V.I.  It basically informs pet owners that it is the meridian vacation spot for hot dogs, and cool cats. 

  • Create A Logo: 

If your business does not already have a Logo, then work on one before you go on to create a slogan. The logo is often described the egg white while the slogan is the yoke. This means that they must work hand in hand. So, take some time off to create a logo that says all there is to know about your business. 

  • Consider Your Brands Market Placement: 

Market Placement has a lot to do with how exactly your pet sitting slogan reads. If your pet sitting business is new to the scene, then you should look out for iconic features and offerings that it possesses that distinguishes it from other pet sitting businesses. These features should be used in the slogan. If it has been around for some time, then your slogan should feature any new alterations to the business that will interest customers. 

  • Avoid Phrases And Words That Reminds Clients Of Death: 

No pet lover looks forward to the day when they would lose the animal in their lives. Especially not when the animal reduces their stress and keeps them company. So, if you would love pet owners to pack their bags and take a trip while you watch their best friends, then your slogan should make them trust you. It should in no way remind potential clients of pet negligence, diseases or death. To achieve this you should avoid poor combination of words like we pet sit till we drop, or your animal buddies are dying to get here. 

  • Get Inspiration From Catchy Pet Sitting Slogans Online: 

Currently unable to come up with a catchy pet sitting slogan? Relax. Search engines like Google makes life so much easier by providing inspiring contents related to your search. So, if you feel stuck when trying to create the right slogan, simply search the web. We are sure you will find loads of slogans that will make your creative juices flow. You will be able to create a good slogan in no time. 

  • Know the Features Of Pet Sitting Slogans:

Pet sitting slogans can be straightforward, or can have some word play and rhymes. An Idaho based pet sitting company known as Boise pet care uses a slogan that rhymes the words care and there. It basically reads “loving care when you’re not there” A slogan like this can also be engaged as a commercial jingle to get to your target audience. An example of a straightforward slogan is one that lets the audience know that when pets are their passion, quality care is instantly the mission of the company. Flowing from that, Sleepover Rover Inc. Is one pet sitting company that has a straightforward slogan that says “your dog is our house guest”  

  • Keep Your Slogan Short And Sweet:

The essence of a slogan is to give potential customers an idea of what you’re into. So, to ensure that they really remember what your brand is about, keep your slogan short and sweet. It should be brief enough to fit comfortably into your business card and company related documents. Going on, generally slogans should not be longer than six to eight words. If it is, it might end up being jumbled and forgettable. However, if you can’t stick to the six to eight words rule, then make sure that your slogan rhymes, and that it has a jingle. Also, since slogans are essentially the subheadings of companies, too many words should not be used so that it does not clog up advertising spaces. 

  • Make Your Slogan Consistent With Your Logo:

Consistent branding is important irrespective of if you are a startup business or a household name. So, when creating a pet sitting slogan for your company, you should ensure that it complements your logo. You can compare your successful competitors logos to their slogans. This should help you to understand how to make your slogan consistent. 

  • Ensure Your Slogan Can Stand Alone:

Your slogan is pretty much a waste of advertisement space and efforts if it can’t stand alone. By it standing alone, we mean that it should sell your business efficiently without you having to supply additional information. So, look at samples of interesting and impressively drafted slogans, and create your own unique business phrase that can stand alone. 

  • It Should Focus On Your Strong Points:

If you’re going to use a slogan to market your business, then you should as well play on your strong points and company’s mission. Figure out exactly what your iconic selling proposition is and use it. Does your pet sitting area have safe play areas? Then, you can use a slogan like the safe sitters. Are you equipped with good pet toys and fun activities? Then, a slogan that tells your target audience that you’re sure to make their pets smile would work just fine. What’s more, if you offer services to pet owners that will be too busy to see their pets in over twenty-four hours? Then, you can let them know through your slogan. Also, if you are great at handling different breeds and types of animals? You should sell it as well. Whatever advantages you have over your competitors should be featured in your slogan. 

  • Don’t Be Scared To Get Input:

Getting your creative juices to flow when drafting a slogan can be tough. However, to simplify things, you can get some input from people. You can engage social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to do a slogan contest with a specific hashtag that will assist you to monitor entries. You can also use a generator like slogan generator to make your slogan creating process easier. 

  • Throw In Some Humor: 

If you can, keep your slogan from appearing like the countless boring pet sitting slogans out there, then do it. Throw in some humor that will make your target audience remember your business and smile. A slogan like, “we’re not Noah, but we sure try” can make pet owners who know the story of Noah and the ark full of animals smile. 

  • It Should Possess Both Rhythm And A Ring: 

Slogans irrespective of if they are heard or read should have a ring to it. In essence, they should be thrilled to the ears. Fluid sounding slogans are a lot more memorable than slogans that are just a combination of uninteresting words. It would be more amazing if you can make it into a song. Research has it that lyrics or words of a song are easier to recall than words used in a usual speech. So, go on pet sitters, give your slogan that ring that it needs. 

  • Get Inspired By Your Business History: 

When writing a pet sitting slogan, try to draw some inspiration from your brands history. How far have you come? What fuels your dream? Questions like this should be considered. Your brand history will give your write up some depth. Consequently, your target audience would understand why they should trust you, and what your core values are. 

  • Make Honesty the Pillar Of Your Slogan Creation: 

If your pet sitting service can talk through a voice of its own, what will it say to your current audience and expected audience? Consider that when drafting your slogan. Make the slogan as honest and truthful as you can. We’re particular about honesty because slogans like no 1 at what we do are often cliché and over reaching. Your business may be unable to live up to its hyped slogan. Note that it should also not be too pushy but should be catchy enough to pull customers in. 


Here’s where we call it a wrap pet sitter. We understand that giving your business the recognition it deserves can be an exhausting task, and creating an impressive slogan is not exactly easy. What’s more, remember that a memorable slogan will still exist long after potential and currently existing customers have interacted with your company. So, in order to give you the right push you need to create an amazing phrase that will make your business stick in the subconscious minds of customers, we have discussed how to engage pet sitting slogans to promote your business.  So, pet lovers, engage the above tips to get the best results.

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